Stop Zimbabwe Deportation Flights – Sheffield Protest Friday 16 July

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Stop Zimbabwe Deportation Flights – Sheffield Protest Friday 16 July

Protest 3pm FRIDAY 16 JULY
Home Office Vulcan House, Sheffield S3 8NU

In secret meetings on June 22 and June 23 in Harare, Zimbabwe, a deal was struck between Emily Hardy of the UK High Commission and a diplomat from the brutal Mnangagwa regime. Zimbabwe is not safe for people seeking asylum to be returned to, particularly those who have spoken out against the military dictatorship.

Nevertheless, the deal was for up to 150 undocumented Zimbabweans to be deported from the UK on a private jet from Heathrow next week on Wednesday 21 July Those to be deported include undocumented people, but the media will be advised that they are all convicted criminals, the meetings concluded.

Zimbabweans are being snatched and detained NOW.

Reports are coming in suggesting Zimbabweans have been snatched when they have turned up to report at centres, and taken from their homes – in Manchester, London, Southampton, and Wakefield – 28 people so far.

Many are being held in Colnbrook Detention Centre near Heathrow.

The fightback has already started. Zimbabwean groups are organising a national petition to oppose the flight, Duncan Lewis solicitors are preparing a legal challenge to the deportation. Anti-Raids have produced this leaflet about your rights as an asylum seeker to resist immigration raids, in Shona, one of the main languages of Zimbabwe.

Here in Sheffield SYMAAG, with our many Zimbabwean members, is organising a protest at Vulcan House, Sheffield Home Office this Friday 16th at 3pm. Join us for a socially-distanced protest with masks.

The Home Office has tried this before, in 2019, in Sheffield. The Zimbabwean community, South Yorkshire asylum-rights groups and local supporters organised an online petition signed by 77.000 people against deportations to Zimbabwe of people who had lived here for many years. It was a successful campaign and got our friends released from detention in Morton Hall IRC

A mass rally in February 2019 was held outside Vulcan House to welcome released Zimbabweans.

Join us this Friday 16 July at 3pm outside Vulcan House – bring your banners and placards.

We can win again – We can stop the deportations. Leave our friends and neighbours alone!

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