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SYMAAG Talks For Change #3 Access to healthcare, Borders in the NHS and NHS charging

Thursday 29th April 7-8.30pm

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SYMAAG presents the thirds of its Talks for Change, a series of monthly talks highlighting issues facing migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. In these talks we will hear from those with lived experience of these issues, alongside on the ground activists resisting them and academics sharing their perspectives.

The third talk, on 29th of April at 7pm, will be focusing on healthcare for asylum seekers. In this talk we will be exploring the different ways in which the hostile environment permeates into the NHS in the form of charging, data sharing and restricted access.

In this talk we will hear from:

Simba and his experience of the hostile environment in the NHS when he was charged over £100,000 for essential medical treatment.

Rayah Feldman who is professor of Public Health at London South Bank. She is chair of Hackney Refugee Centre. Rayah works with Maternity Action and has published reports on pregnancy in the asylum system and more recently on charging migrant women for NHS maternity services

And Sophie Williams who is member of Medact and Docs Not Cops who campaign against these borders within the NHS and were active in working alongside Simba in his campaign against the charges he faced.