About Us

About Us

Who we are

South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) was formed in June 2007 to campaign for the rights of all migrants in South Yorkshire.

SYMAAG is a migrant-led organisation. We have a diverse group of members from different nationalities, and different backgrounds including people with lived experience of the asylum system, researchers, political activists, and volunteers. Our ethos is to work with rather than for people in the asylum system, and this is what directs our campaigns and priorities.

We are part of a national and local movement against the government’s hostile environment policy, and we work with many groups in and around Sheffield to campaign against this, as well as with the local community. We are also part of the Solidarity Knows No Borders Network.

Our work

SYMAAG has organised many campaigns and actions over the years, and we have a regular presence at local protests and demonstrations on migration justice, and on other issues such as the climate crisis, the right to protest and international solidarity.

Since our formation in 2007 we have:

· Campaigned alongside asylum tenants for safe and dignified asylum housing.

· Challenged ‘internal borders’ like those which prevent people who have migrate to the UK from accessing basic services like healthcare. The Justice for Simba campaign successfully challenged this barrier.

· Organised to stop the deportations of our members and other members of the community.

· Worked with people in immigration detention to offer support and campaign for the closure of all detention centres.

· Worked alongside sympathetic local and national politicians to hold them to account on any pledges for migration justice.

· Organised practical material support for people seeking asylum locally, around the UK and in Calais.

· Worked to educate ourselves and the wider public about people’s countries of origin and why they are forced to migrate, as well as on issues affecting people in the Asylum System. You can see some examples of this in our Talks for Change series.

Our News page highlights our current and past campaigns and events.


We only accept ‘no strings attached’ funding which does not aim to influence our views and campaigns. Our funding comes from other organisations which support our work: trade unions, religious institutions, other campaign groups, individuals, sponsored events and fundraisers, which don’t require us to politically justify expenditure.

If you would like to donate to SYMAAG’s work, you can visit here.