March for “Dignity Not Destitution” June 29th

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March for “Dignity Not Destitution” June 29th

March for “Dignity Not Destitution” June 29th

On Saturday 29th June a number of marches and events are planned around England, Wales and Scotland to call for “Dignity Not Destitution” for people seeking asylum as part of Refugee Week.


Sheffield march details are:

  • Meet: 11am on Ellesmere Green, at the top of Spital Hill, Sheffield S4
  • Arrive: 12.30pm at Sheffield City Hall for rally and speakers
  • March: at 1pm to Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane Sheffield S2 4QZ via The Moor.


Our march is part of a national Day of Action, see the Dignity Not Destitution website. Twitter hashtag is #Dignity2013


Why Are We Marching?


ñ  We fled persecution, leaving our homes and families seeking  peace and safety. But for many of us, our cases were disbelieved and our appeals for safety rejected by the Home Office.

ñ  We are kicked out of our accommodation and our food vouchers stopped.

ñ  We are not allowed to work

ñ  We can’t access education,

ñ  We cannot receive benefits.

ñ  We cannot go home. We are stuck here like this for years.

ñ  We feel alone, depressed, isolated from society

ñ  We want to contribute, to be part of society and to pay taxes. We are teachers, electricians, artists, business men, doctors, farmers, students, parents, and friends. We are human. How can a human survive like this? Stop scapegoating us!.


Our supporters have campaigned to get Sheffield City Council to say the government’s policy on forced destitution is wrong. We are pleased to say that in March they voted unanimously to support us, and condemn this policy. Now, we want to help build a strong national campaign. We want to raise awareness and join together to call for an end to these unjust and inhumane laws. This campaign might not make our own lives better but it will help those in the future who come seeking safety.

Organised by SYMAAG South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group. Supported by City of Sanctuary, ASSIST and others.


Other “Dignity Not Destitution” Marches and Events on June 29th


Bradford 4-5pm

City Park Bradford

Locally asylum seekers and supporters are gathering in City Park Bradford (exact spot t.b.c) at 4pm: speakers, singing, banners, petition-signing.


Leeds 11am –1pm

Leeds Town Hall

We will stand with banners & any asylum seekers/refugees that want to

share their experiences or state their demands are warmly invited to






Glasgow 12:30pm



Stop Destitution! Give us the Right to Work! Housing is a Human Right!

Stand Up for the right to Asylum


Rally & Music

Supported by the Glasgow Destitution Network


Bristol 11am

Malcolm X Centre, St Pauls

Marching to Castle Park, with banners, masks and a giant scapegoat, stopping on the way to talk about education, health, signing at the police station, the right to work and where we go from here in our campaign.


Manchester 11.00 – 2.30 (Procession starts at 12noon)

in the grounds of Manchester Cathedral

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