Immigration Bill Update: sign the petition against it now

On 30th January MPs voted by 295-16 for the Immigration Bill, described by Theresa May as creating a “really hostile environment” for what she calls “illegal migrants”. Details of the votes on amendments are here and the list of the 16 principled MPs who voted against is here. If your MP isn’t on this list you might want to ask them why not. A detailed account from the Migrants Rights Network of the debate and amendments is here.


What Next?

The Bill now is in the House of Lords where it will receive its second reading on Monday 10 February. The second Reading is an opportunity for Peers to raise concerns and discuss any aspect of the Bill, including issues which they believe should be included in the legislation.


What Can We Do?

Persuade House of Lords peers to oppose the Bill or at least support amendments to it. How?


There is considerable concern in the House of Lords about the Immigration Bill: a meeting there of some of those opposed to the Bill on January 15th in the Lords was full (see below).


Demonstrating against the Bill in Sheffield December 18th

Demonstrating against the Bill in Sheffield December 18th – thanks to Sam Musarika again for the photos

There is an excellent analysis of the Immigration Bill and its tripartite support in Parliament by Frances Webber from the Institute of Race Relations here

And before you go, remember to take one minute to sign the petition against the Immigration Bill at

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