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SYMAAG Talks for Change

SYMAAG presents the first of our Talks for Change, a series of monthly talks highlighting issues facing migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. In these talks we will hear from those with lived experience of these issues, alongside on the ground activists resisting them and academics sharing their perspectives.

The first talk, on February 25th at 7pm, will be focusing on asylum housing and related issues. We will outline the pressing issues relating to asylum housing, from the conditions in hostels such as Urban House, to those currently being housed in barracks across the country. Alongside this we will also look to understand the most effective ways to support asylum seekers through engaging with their own experiences and the work of activists on the ground.

In this talk we will hear from a Sheffield asylum tenant who successfully fought eviction, John Grayson (Asylum housing researcher), SAEE (Sheffield Against Asylum Evictions), and a report from Napier Barracks from Care For Calais.

And plenty of time for discussion and organising

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