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What do we do?

We are a group of volunteers from all over the world. Our campaigns for asylum and migrant rights take place all over South Yorkshire. And beyond. Since our formation in July 2007, we have campaigned:

  • for asylum tenants’ rights
  • against immigration detention
  • for asylum seekers’ right to work
  • for full and equal access to health care and education
  • against deportations and abuse of people seeking asylum 

 We aim to educate ourselves about asylum and migrant rights, about people’s countries of origin, and why they leave them.

We also work with MPs and councillors to hold them to any commitments to asylum and migrant rights they have made.

We work to build a movement in solidarity with all those resisting the hostile environment.

We welcome those who share our aims to come to our fortnightly meetings on zoom.

Email us at dignitynotdetention@yahoo,co,uk for login details or to join our email newsletter list.

Follow our work on Facebook and Twitter @SYMAAG

For examples of our campaigning, click here…..